The first photo in this post was the last shot I was able to take of The Shanghai Tower before leaving Shanghai in late 2012. At that time It was only starting to make its ascent toward the top of the skyline. Even still, it seemed massive standing next to it and awe inspiring considering the human efforts endured to build such a behemoth structure.

The second two shots were borrowed from the Internet to show the tower at present (Aug 2013). According to these photos, the tower has reached its 632m goal (roughly 2,000f), locking it in as the second tallest building in the world today. First place in this category is still the Burj Khalifa in Dubai at 2,700 feet. In a New York context, the Empire State Building is around 1,400 feet tall and the new One World Trade Center reaches 1,700 feet at its highest point.

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